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Select from our curated menu of wellbeing services, delivered in the comfort of your room. Our highly knowledgeable team has extensive training to provide holistic, therapeutic treatments. Every session concludes with a personal consultation for home care remedies and rituals that inspire an investment in self-care.

Casa Blanca Massage

90 mins | $2127 mxn
A unique and truly therapeutic experience designed to melt away tension and welcome a fresh sense of clarity, energy and balance. Our signature treatment offers a deep massage with concentrated neck and shoulder release, complimented by aromatic oils of Arnica to alleviate pain and tightness, Neroli flower to uplift the spirits, and Lemon Balm for calm.

The Couples Massage

90 mins | $4025 mxn

Enjoy a treatment together in the luxurious comfort of your suite, providing a retreat from the stresses of the world and a sacred moment of connection and introspection.

Soothing Hibiscus Holistic Massage and Facial

120 mins | $2875 mxn
This rich and restorative combination of massage and skin treatment offers a chance to replenish on many levels, with hibiscus flower for healthy circulation and rosemary, cardamom, and frankincense to anoint and enhance the mind-body connection.

Pure Radiance Facial

90 mins | $2128 mxn

A soothing and hydrating treatment to rebalance dry or sensitized skin while protecting from dehydration, decreased vitality, and pigmentation, all signs of environmental or lifestyle stress. The powerful ingredients feature the anti-inflammatory power of Chamomile Oil and Arnica, with Bentonite Clay and Hibiscus Flower to help clarify and tighten, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids known to help clarify, firm and hydrate the skin leaving an inner radiance revealed.

Bath Butler

$518 mxn

Allow us to prepare you a relaxing bath with Sweet Birch Bath Flakes and magnesium-rich Ancient Sea Salts to soothe, hydrate, and replenish, perfect for letting go of worries and welcoming a good night’s sleep.


Manicure and Pedicure – 60 mins | $1725 mxn
Makeup – 60 mins | $1610 mxn
Blow dry – 30 mins | $863 mxn
Blow dry and makeup – 60 mins | $1380 mxn
Style and makeup – 120 mins | $2185 mxn
Bridal package (day of the event) – 180 mins | $5175 mxn